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Re: Sunless-Sea Mailing List Watcher + Old Videos Coming Online

Steve, I fixed the cross-posting script -- I had changed the posting password and forgot to update the script too.

I just went back thru the udanax@xxxxxxxxxx message archive and manually reposted all of the missed messages -- about 15-20 of them.

BTW, a pre-announcement of sorts, I've recently received a collection of 12 video tapes from Stanford University's Special Collections regarding the Xanadu Project and am starting to digitize them and put them online.

David Jones and I (and anyone else who wants to help out) are going to try to provide written transcripts, indices and redrawn charts of the whiteboards in the videos as time permits. In the meantime, those who want -raw- access to the information can see the list and monitor our progress as we add material at:


The Project lives on.

-Jeff Rush, A Xanadu Curator

Steve Witham wrote:

P.S. Jeff, what's with the sunless-sea.net/forum page?  I don't
see recent messages showing up there.