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How do I create entities? Please help.

 I'm sorry if this is an old and tired question but here goes

HOW, on my Mac, can I start (today) to create xanadu entities. I
have ideas coming out of my head and am frustrated only by a lack
of tools, knowledge, etc. on how to build the little buggers.

I have read all I can find on the xanadu server (and that's all
I've found so far) and it simply doesn't tell how, where and when
(it does tell why but little else).

Are the tools in the construction phase or is it still far too early
and we're still in the discussion and conceptualisation phase?

Where are the specs if I've got to construct the tools myself?

I'm sorry but maybe my frustrtions are starting to show.

Thank you, in advance, for any assistance you may offer.

Regards, Lance Chambers.