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How to convert old (summer 2000) GZigZag datasets

Old (from summer 2000) GZigZag datasets do not work with current versions of

Here is a way to convert your old datasets so that they work with new GZigZag
releases.  This procedure has been tested only a little, so beware of problems
(and report them at http://www.gzigzag.org/bugs.html).

You will need the following two files:

They are the two files from

If you wish, you can use any CVS snapshot made tomorrow or later,
or any stable releases starting from 0.6.0 (not released yet), instead of the
latter file.

I will refer to the former file with the nickname gzz-conv.jar and
to the latter with the nickname gzz-slurp.jar.

Let's assume that you want to convert OLDSPACE into NEWSPACE.
There must not be a file or directory called NEWSPACE when
you start this procedure.  The procedure will go like this (I'm assuming JRE
1.2 or JRE 1.3):

java -jar gzz-conv.jar -dump OLDSPACE
java -jar gzz-slurp.jar -slurp OLDSPACE.dmp NEWSPACE

After thoese two, use your regular GZigZag stable jar (nicknamed here as

java -jar gzz-stable.jar -convert NEWSPACE
java -jar gzz-stable.jar -new NEWSPACE

Exit from GZigZag immediately after the last command.

You should now be able to use NEWSPACE as usual.  Note that the conversion
procedure will delete the old system part, including keybindings, cursors and
dimension lists and replace them with defaults.

If there are problems, please contact me.  If you think it is a bug,
please report it (see http://www.gzigzag.org/bugs.html).

%%% Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho % gaia@xxxxxx % http://www.iki.fi/gaia/ %%%

                     Thank you to all who cared.