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ZigZag(tm) Datasets You Can Download at Keio SFC

If you're at Keio SFC campus, you can use ZigZag on most Unix machines.  (See list at ZigZag page for students.)
(For hints about what windowing programs it likes best,
see also the ZigZag page for students)
1)  To use an empty ZigZag system with no data, allowing you to rotate, explore-- or create your own data-- JUST TYPE--

Now, when you control-C out of that, you should have in your current directory a file called "zigzag.data".  This will contain your system of ZZ cells.  Whenever you reopen ZigZag in that same directory, that same file called "zigzag.data" will be opened with it.

To back up your dataset--

If you create a dataset you like, you don't want to mess it up accidentally.  So copy "zigzag.data" under some other filename, to go back to in case there's a problem.

2) To operate on some other dataset than zigzag.data, type--

zigzag filename

and that file will be opened instead as your ZigZag dataset.  At the end of the session its current state will be saved.

3)  To use the same data that is presently downloadable from www.xanadu.net, download--


In order to download it, don't just click on it (you don't want to look at it directly, honest, although no medical damage is likely).  Instead, right-click on the above link item, select "save link as," and give it a filename.  If you call it "zigzag.data" it will become the default, and you can open it more easily as in (1), above.  (However, you may want to save a copy first.)

This dataset will allows you to explore some rather amusing spaces and structures-- or build on them to create your own data.

More datasets will be available Real Soon Now.
Test dataset for administrative purposes: TEST.zz