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> and now what does now mean? whats the time ? is it energy or nothing?
> there is a time wars on this universe between 2 groups.
> pls tell us zigzag.James Joyce "under the zigzag hill"!
> here our groups name is ZIGZAG! so , urs logo is looking like our logo!
> TIC-TOC Aquarius Cycle ZIPZAP Millennium
> pls help me about this subject...
> your zigzag and our zigzag is the same zigzag????

all zigs zag likewise. 
 'ours' being no more yours than 'same' is one of many ways to visualise the 
timecube  [ http://www.timecube.com]
based on g* star technologies [ http://www.gzigzag.org ] which emerged from 
the parafictional lands of reversed xanadu  [ http://www.udanax.com ]

> Omniscientist Doctrine of ZIGZAG.sche Lehre*3:104+110+114*Hanifate League
   .   ..  . so she said  "5+17+23"
           . simple