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Re: [zigzag] Questions...

Dear Richard Palmer--

A number of your questions are really about the Gzz
 design, need to be sorted out from others.

You might want to look at the base documents at
 xanadu.com/zigzag.  This could help sort out what is
 generic to zzstructure (the new general term), what is
 specific to the Gzz project, and what is specific to
 ZigZag itself.  (Note that "ZigZag" is a trademark for
 my own designs, and the Gzz project will be taking a
 different name.)  My official ZigZag specs will be emerging
 in the coming months.

Best, Ted Nelson

At 06:28 PM 3/20/02 +0000, you wrote:
>I've been playing with gzigzag for a few days and have a lot of
>questions!. I've read through the docs and as much as the source code as
>I can grasp, but apologies if I ask something too stupid.
>- As I understand it from the docs the current default space is 'system
>space'? and users are not really meant to add cells to it. Is this
>correct? and if so where do users add their cells ( is this where slices
>come in?).
>- The various modules supplied all only work if the cells are laid out
>in the correct order ( e.g I had to read the source code to work out how
>to get the Mind module to generate output). Is their some way to force
>creation of cells in the required layout for a module or would users
>have to read the docs/code for each module to learn how to layout the
>- Could the direction keys take an optional repetion argument ala vi so
>you can move faster through a row of cells ( e.g. '10i'  moves 10 cells
>at a time. )
>- Could there be special head cells that automatically create a new cell
>( not clone) if the user moves the cursor in a direction which has no
>current connecting cell( i.e. replicators). Would be a quicker way to
>create lots of cells in a rank(right word?).
>- Can cells be marked read-only / un-deletable ?
>- Is there a global cell text search ?
>- More docs and examples on modules please!.
>- Is there a way to see all the dimensions that a cell has connections
>on ( not just the current viewable 3). Trying to remember everything 
>you have attached to a cell is a bit difficult.
>- After adding a few dimensions it rapidly gets boring cycling through
>  them to change the current view. Is this something that can be changed
>or I am misunderstanding how it should work ( more than likely).
>Thats it for now. Its a really interesting program/project and I'd like
>to learn more and contribute, its just a bit frustrating trying to work
>it all out!.
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