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[zzdev] Re: [zzdev] New prerelease

Hi, Jack --

>On 9/25 Marlene responds to an answer.

>Where is the answer?  

Actually, I answered my own question before the developers got around to
it.  I was looking for the window in which to edit text, and I found out
how to get it when I went exploring under Actions in the left window.  It's
at the very bottom of the action list.

>I hope I'm not alone on this list in needing all the
>hints I can get.  

Trust me, Jack, you are not alone! 

>To be honest, the prerelease is working just fine, but I
>still have absolutely no idea what to do with it.

At some point, I hope the developers make a place for users to put some
sample applitudes -- I think those will make it clear what kinds of things
ZigZag is great for!  In the meantime, if you like, I could send you a
sample organizer applitude.  (But first someone has to remind me how to
convert a data set from the time of gzz0706 to the present.)