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Comments on gzigzag-0.1.pre2

Hi, AJ --

Here are some bugs/suggestions, in no particular order:

1.  The lines showing connections between cells are sometimes *go through*
the cells, instead of just between them.  For example, move the cursor to
cell 265 ("vanishing" next to "View").

2.  It's difficult to use the edit window when all the text is highlighted
in blue or green or red (depending on cursor, mark, etc).  It was best when
it was just black text on white background.

3.  Text in the edit window cannot be highlighted, for example if I want to
delete a block of text.

4.  Where are the beautiful splines showing cell connections?  I personally
think the jaggy replacement lines are not remotely as appealing.

5.  I can't tell you how I got to this point, but at some point in my
fiddling, the control keys for the left window (s,f,e,c) started
controlling the cursor in the right (Data) window.

6.  When I pressed Enter while the left cursor was on the ZZMBox.create
cell, I got two new windows (mailflob and mailsingle) with gigantic big red
letters saying "RASTER ERROR" and the windows were shivering violently.

That's all for now,