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Some requests for stable version

Hi, All --

Here are some things that we really need in order to start using gzz

1.   Edit Window functions.  The Home, End and Enter (carriage return) keys
should be made to work again.  Also, the ability to stripe a block of test
(for cut, copy, paste) needs to be put back in.  Also, right now, instead
of scrolling the text up, I get Edit Windows where the text I'm inputting
and the cell number are on top of each other, making it difficult to read.

2.  Color of cursor cell.  How can this be changed by the user?  It's very
difficult to read black text on a dark blue background.  It would be nice
to have *all* those great user-defined interface options back -- font size,
font, etc.

3.  Mouse cursor position.  It's annoying to have to move the mouse so that
it's cursor is over the Ctrl or Data window in order to activate the key
bindings. This isn't always the case, but definitely when starting with a
new data set.

4.  A question -- how do I link two marked cells?  In the 0706 version (the
one I use to create demos), I would mark two cells, then do CNCT (X or Y)
(+ or -).