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Conversion program

Hi, AJ --

You wrote:
>> 1.   Edit Window functions.  The Home, End and Enter (carriage return)
>> should be made to work again.  Also, the ability to stripe a block of
>> (for cut, copy, paste) needs to be put back in.  Also, right now,
>> of scrolling the text up, I get Edit Windows where the text I'm
>> and the cell number are on top of each other, making it difficult to

>This most likely requires a full rewrite of the edit window code (which
>is still a kluge!).

Until these edit functions are part of the stable version, it's too
time-consuming to use for extensive data structures.  So I'll continue to
use the 0706 version for demos, applitude prototypes, etc.  Before I put a
lot of time into these, I want to be sure I can convert files I create with
0706. (And of course Ted has been wanting to convert his previous data
structures for some time.)  Can you tell me the status of the conversion