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Re: [zzdev] Problem converting old gzigzag data sets

Hi, AJ --

>I've attached a zipped NEWSPACE, the result from my conversion.  Can you
>please verify that it contains everything it should?

I opened HolmNEW with gzz013 and it shows *some* Holm demo data, but
nothing like the original. :
- d.children and d.marriage are not on the dimension list
- the list of names on d.1 and d.2 doesn't appear
- there's something called Stavanger dates showing in the initial view, but
not connected to anything

Our expectation is that when we open a converted data structure, it will
look like the original.  In this case, it would open showing a list of 29
names of Holms and relatives on d.1 and d.2.

Please let me know if there's something else I should try or do.