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Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] How to use Mark?

> The best word I can think of that describes how the "it's complicated"
> sounds to me in this case is "muutosvastarinta".  I don't know the
> English equivalent, but it essentially means opposing change because
> it's change from the safe old choice.

Well, you can call it "muutosvastarinta" (or whatever), I'll call it
confusion of a very lost person. 
> > >From a user's perspective, the world of computer people is CRAZY very
> > ABSURD world full of buzz words you (an alien) don't really understand. 

> (No, this project and the people in it don't really care about buzzwords.)

Oh no, I don't agree, we do care about words. There's a whole
GZigZag language evolving ;-). 

And this means that there's a danger that most of the things we say about
GZigZag sound reasonable to us BUT are in fact buzz words to people that 
don't know our language. And these people, then, are not able
to see the value of our thing, because they just don't understand
our fabulous words. 

(The funnies thing in the process of communication is that people 
say 'yeees I understand' even though they would not get a thing
from the other person's speech. The "understood" speaker then
goes off happily, because he was so well understood. ;-) And 
another interesting feature in understanding is that some people
THINK they understand, but as a matter of fact (or at least
according to a misunderstood speaker) they have MISunderstood.
And the most interesting thing is that you never really know
FOR SURE whether the other person has understood or not. Or,
can you ever truly understand anything anybody says? And
all this is a LINGUISTIC problem. Eh, I could go on forever
about understanding and language but I guess this is beoyng
the scope of this message. And I think I start to sound far
too weird. ;-)

THUS we should find a way to talk about GZigZag in the language
of "the common people" (ever heard the song by the Pulp?) without
sounding buzzy. 

And this is an extremely complicated task.  

> are deprecated.  The W3C recommendation is to use style sheets, which
> is what the (generated) documents use.

Sigh, some of us (read: Cat) don't care that much about 

(Yeah, I've sure heard about CSS, but never bothered to take a
closer look on that.)

If I would keep following the developement of the recommendations
of W3C, I would not have time to do things that I REALLY consider
worth doing, e.g. read poetry, novels, have conversations with
people, do sports etc. ;-)

I think this conversation makes no sense (which basically 
means I give up).

Do what you want with your WML, I just write stuff.