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ATTN developers: Document user-visible changes in NEWS

I've added a new file, NEWS.  It is intended to simplify release
management, so please keep it up to date :-)

The point of that file is to briefly list all user-visible changes to
the system.  The descriptions can be vague, the only restriction is that
they can be used in a release announcement.  For documentation changes,
only things like a full rewrite or a major edition need to be mentioned.

Updating NEWS is important in the stable branch, but much more important
in trunk.  When 0.2 is released, do you think I'm going to read the
*whole damn* ChangeLog to compose the release announcement?  No way :-)

Also please check that the current entries for trunk are okay.

The entries for trunk are against the latest stable version, whatever
that is at the time, and the entries for the stable version are against
the previous stable version.

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