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User's view on Cell IDs

If you don't mind, I'd like to start discussion on the subject again:
should the user see the cell IDs? At the moment they are shown in the
views and they are discussed in the draft version of the User's Guide.

My opinion is that we should restrict cell IDs to be something
absolutely internal to the software. First of all, the IDs are not
static at the moment (change eg. in XML import/export) and as I have
understood the ID scheme can later be changed from natural numbers to
something else. Definitely not something to learn by heart. And second,
they are not needed! d.cellcreation is there so no cells can be
unreachable. ZigZag structure has better ways to provide shortcuts than
learning some "magig" numbers by heart - for convience, we could
introduce support for d.bookmarks or something.

I'd suggest we leave cell ID talk out from the User's Guide, and instead
tell how the user can create a list of cells important to her. As some
people want the IDs, the views could include an option to turn the ID
display back on.

Anyway, I thought one thing was "no names if not wanted - no arbitrary
names to learn by heart". What do you think about this?


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