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0.4.0: We urgently need Edit Window functions

Hi, AJ --

>> These two things need to be fixed before we can use 0.4.0
>> 1.  The dimension map in the upper left corner of the Ctrl and Data
>> is gone!  We must have it.   (see attached bitmap)

>My cooy of 0.4.0 has it.

I re-downloaded the jar and the new one has the dimension map, so this is
OK now.

>> 2.  When entering text in the edit box, pressing Enter should cause a
>> carriage return/new line.  Right now it just puts a little box at the
>> of the text
>> (see attached bitmap)

>This is a known problem.  It is not likely to be solved in the nearest

We desperately need these Edit Window controls and have been asking for
them since way back in October.  We cannot do demos or design applitudes
without the following minimum edit controls (all of which were working in
the 0706 version):

1.  Pressing the Enter key causes the cursor to go to a new line (and
doesn't put some unreadable         character at the end of the current
2.  Striping for delete or cut-and-paste works
3.  Cut-and-paste works
4.  Home key causes cursor to go to beginning of line
5.  End key causes curor to go to end of line

I can easily understand why there are delays if we ask for something new,
but it's hard to understand why features that were already working (such as
these edit controls in the 0706 version) don't continue to work in
subsequent versions.  I thought that's what "stable" implied -- that the
user can depend on various  working  features from one version to the next?

Please tell us when the "stable" version will have edit controls.  Until
then, I guess we will continue to use 0706 for our demos and applitudes.