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Conversion difficulties

Hi, AJ --

Today I tried to convert some of Ted's previous gzz data structures to the
new format.  Here are my notes:

1.  When using gzz 0.5.0, step two of the process (gzz -oldformat -new OLD)
hangs; the last two lines of messages say:  EXCEPTION WHILE TRIGGERING!  
and    Main exiting - on to the events

2.  So I went back to 0.4.0 to see just how far I could get with the
conversion process.  All four steps as specified by you completed properly.
 So then I added the dimensions d.children and d.marriage to the dimension
list after d.3.  However, only d.1 and d.2 show the Holm family demo links.
 If I put the cursor on a cell, Celeste for example, and rotate to
d.marriage and d.children, no links whatever are shown.  Was there some
other way I was supposed to put the original dimensions back in?

3.  Just out of curiousity, I ran 0.4.0 with the NEW (converted) data
structure, no -import parameter, and only the Ctrl window came up -- no
Data window.

4.  I see now exactly what causes the little dimension map in the upper
left corner to disappear -- changing to Row or Column view!  This is true
both on 0.4.0 and 0.5.0.  Since those are the two views we mainly use, we
really need to have the map stay on the screen.

I'm trying very hard to get Ted's data structures converted so he can begin
working with the "stable" version, so I hope you can find answers for me to
these questions.