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Hi, A-J --

On January 25, you wrote:
>On 20010124T104040-0500, Marlene Mallicoat wrote:
>> 1.  When using gzz 0.5.0, step two of the process (gzz -oldformat -new
>> hangs; the last two lines of messages say:  EXCEPTION WHILE TRIGGERING! 

>> and    Main exiting - on to the events

>Rauli did some extensive changes to the trigger code.  Rauli, can you
>take a look at this?

>> 2.  So I went back to 0.4.0 to see just how far I could get with the
>> conversion process.  All four steps as specified by you completed
>>  So then I added the dimensions d.children and d.marriage to the

>> list after d.3.  However, only d.1 and d.2 show the Holm family demo
>>  If I put the cursor on a cell, Celeste for example, and rotate to
>> d.marriage and d.children, no links whatever are shown.  Was there some
>> other way I was supposed to put the original dimensions back in?

>That sounds like a strange bug. 

>> 3.  Just out of curiousity, I ran 0.4.0 with the NEW (converted) data
>> structure, no -import parameter, and only the Ctrl window came up -- no
>> Data window.

>We'll investigate this one.

I'm wondering where things stand with conversion.  Ted and I are as anxious
as ever to be able to use our previous work.