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RE: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] Me :)

>Beats me.  Perhaps some of the new members who joined this mailing list
>recently would like to introduce themselves?

Hello,  I'll stop lurking.  I spend most of my time in the Windows 
world, and just heard about your whole project from the article about 
Ted Nelson and Xanadu in the MIT Technology Review.  I found the demo 
on a boot floppy and got it to work successfully. The genealogy demo 
was great. (I would like to spend more time with zz in Windows NT 
actually.  Does anyone know where I can get an NT binary for Curses.pm?)

So now for my real questions.  I've been able to grasp the mechanics 
of ZZ at least to the point of browsing existing "webs?"  (What do you 
call zigzag structures?)  Is there an article that I could read that 
places zz into perspective with the rest of your vision?  

What users are the intended target?  I mean the www gets anyone results 
without really any learning curve.  I think about showing zigzag to my 
boss, and he'd just toss it.  But it seems like he should be the target,

because he is the one who makes me provide data in every viewpoint under

the sun.  Do you expect a dba equivalant who maintains the structure and

provides snapshots?  Or a publisher/reader? The thread earlier about 
expense tracking, kind of indicates differently, I guess.

I think if I knew the/a proposed user I'd have an easier time seeing 
potential applications ideas.

I look forward to seeing people working out more examples.

Best Regards,
Matthew Denson
Herbert Engineering Corp
415 296-0383 x108