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:zz,osmic: Got to have a local scroll too / Ref.Save

Hi all--

>> What I had had in mind was different-- a local
>>  primedia scroll and references within it.
>Same thing :)

Occam's Razor, and the law of software simplicity,
 says there *has* to be a version that doesn't require
 an Osmic server.

Let alone a Net connection.

What I have in mind is a way of saving the
 current data that keeps it on a local scroll which
 is available as one long text in the equiv.of
 "zigzag.data", along with the connections.

We could call this Referential Save.


At 06:30 PM 10/2/98 +1000, you wrote:
>Ted Nelson wrote:
>> I know, but I wasn't thinking of a URL.
>This doesn't mean it isn't :)
>URL stands for "Universal Resourse Locator" and that's what we're
>trying to do - right?  Locate resources?
>> Consider the references in OSMIC-- they're not
>>  to URLs; they're to specific byte ranges in the
>>  primedia scroll and to specific operations in the Oplist.
>> We could encapsulate these somehow in a URL,
>>  but consider that to get a specific portion of
>>  the primedia we would have to have a CGI script
>>  on the server.
>Nope.  The OSMIC server can already do what we need.  And the
>URL for OSMIC would look something like this:
>See?  It -is- a reference to byte ranges in the Primedia
>And since ZigZag cells can only -display- data at this point, we don't
>need to encode the operations.  That's a problem for the cell-editing
>> What I had had in mind was different-- a local
>>  primedia scroll and references within it.
>Same thing :)
>Incidentally, because of how the OSMIC server works it doesn't matter
>if I access my primedia scroll, or xanadu.net's, or happydoodle's,
>etc.  The OSMIC server doesn't "know" if it's getting a connection
>from the same machine or the other side of the world.
>> (When a cell is exported, however, that complicates it, since the
>> primedia would have to be exported as well, probably with its cosmic
>> address...)
>That does complicate things, yes.  But they're already complicated if
>we can reference files and programs from Cells.  In fact the idea of
>"export" really doesn't make too much sense ... at least it becomes
>analogous to the "save to disk" option in Netscape - getting a
>snapshot of something that might change at any moment.  
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