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Editing cells in ZigZag

Hi Jun--

To edit cells--

The "delete" key deletes a cell. 
 In the current version, the cell is not destroyed.  
 It is put under cell number 99 ("Midden").
 Since we don't have an "undo" key yet,
 that preserves cells which are accidentally deleted.

n (followed by an arrow)
 creates a new cell and opens it for editing.  (It currently
 opens the cell in Mule, but that can be changed to some
 other editor.)
 WINDOW!  It worked yesterday.  I will see what can be
 done immediately.)

N (followed by an arrow)
 creates a new cell but does NOT open it.
 opens an existing cell for editing.  (It currently opens
 the cell in Mule, but that can be changed.)

Best, TN

At 10:15 PM 10/7/98 +0900, you wrote:
>Dr. Nelson:
>I got some questions from a student in your class via e-mail
>today.  Most of the part were about to manipulate ZIGZAG program
>but there was one question I can't give him proper idea
>because I got a same problem, too...
>When I downloaded a zz file "zzdata050.zz," and opened it,
>there had been already some sort of data in it, it seemed
>like what you had typed as demo on class last week.
>How can I deal with this?  Is there any files like "new file"?
>If there is not "new file," can I delete those data
>that had been already placed?  Maybe just to "overwrite" is
>another option...
>Please let me have idea to resolve this problem.
>Very best regards. 
>Jun D. Saeki
>URL: http://www.d-plug.com/
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