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:zz: Suggested procedures for working with ZZ files

What I do personally is work in a different directory
 for each different use of ZigZag, but I give the dataset
 a particular name so that these datasets can later be
 moved or copied into the same directory without needing
 to be renamed.
Then from time to time I do a control-c to get out of ZZ,
 then copy the working data into another file indicating
 the time it was saved, for instance
cp zdataCLASS zdataCLASS.981007am11
 That way, the next time I do it I can just hit up-arrow
 and that instruction will appear, then I change the time.

But people can do this however they want.

At 10:15 PM 10/7/98 +0900, you wrote:
>Dr. Nelson:
>I got some questions from a student in your class via e-mail
>today.  Most of the part were about to manipulate ZIGZAG program
>but there was one question I can't give him proper idea
>because I got a same problem, too...
>When I downloaded a zz file "zzdata050.zz," and opened it,
>there had been already some sort of data in it, it seemed
>like what you had typed as demo on class last week.
>How can I deal with this?  Is there any files like "new file"?
>If there is not "new file," can I delete those data
>that had been already placed?  Maybe just to "overwrite" is
>another option...
>Please let me have idea to resolve this problem.
>Very best regards. 
>Jun D. Saeki
>URL: http://www.d-plug.com/
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