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:zz,unix: ZZ EMERGENCY: my students can't edit--

-- just after I gave them an assignment in ZZ for next week!

Here's what happens:

On Telnet from my PC, creating a new cell (n,arrow)
 doesn't open mule/emacs; it crashes with the error message

Can't open "/tmp/zigzag": ¥¢¥¯¥»¥¹¸¢¤¬¤¢¤ê¤Þ¤»¤ó¡£
        ...propagated at /usr/local/bin/zigzag line 1710.

followed by the command-line prompt.

HOWEVER, downstairs in room K18, sitting at a new
 Sun Ultra30 (serial no. ZZ014-- can it be coincidence?)--
 the same command for creating a new cell (n,arrow)

Does that mean they've reconfigured Mule?  And can you
 reconfigure to match?

I can ask Mr. Matsumura of CNS in the morning, but
 I thought I'd ask you first.

Chrz ... :-(

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