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The ZigZag editing problem.


It's mostly working.  The problem is editing the cells. 
 Check the page at

The fix may have already have gone in on Monday
 morning, but CNS did not say what time Monday,
 so I can't be sure.

If you succeed in opening cells and editing them, fine.

Also, if you can't edit on one CNS machine, you may be
 able to edit on another where nobody else has edited a
 cell yet.  Most of the Suns should work.  The fast Suns in
 K18 are very good.

Good luck with this.  I'm sorry about the problem.

Best wishes, TN

At 08:44 PM 10/11/98 +0900, you wrote:
>I am Atsushi Morimura, a sophmore at SFC.  I am currently taking your
>Information Media course, and I have a question on our current
>assignment using ZigZag.
>The other day, the SA (I think his name is Jun Saeki) told us that
>ZigZag is currently down, and it won't start working until Monday.  Is
>that true?  Our group was planning to meet on Monday, so I don't think
>it will affect us, but will the due date be changed due to this?
>I have tried using ZigZag and I was able to play around with it on the
>other day.
>Thank you.
>  Atsushi Morimura
>  Keio University
>  e-mail: t97948am@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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