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RE: [zzdev] Re: :zz: Does the Boot Disk now do Saves? ChrzT

Just to double check my problem, I  formatted a disk and tried it again.
Same thing happened.  I got the Save prompt, put in fresh disk, it clicked
and whirled a while, a 'see www.xanadu... for more info' came up with a
bunch of # #  # # >> # # > > on the bottom with the disk light staying on.
Tried rebooting to Zigzag and load the dataset but it flashed up a brief
message I think saying it couldn't open the file or something.  This is the
same thing that happened on my home system.  Only tried on two systems since
I got the same thing to happen on both.

I tried to get it working under a Windows perl version but wasn't
successful, any plans on porting to Windows/Dos system?

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On Mon, Oct 12, 1998 at 07:30:44AM -0500, Mark Oeltjenbruns wrote:
> On my copy it doesn't work.  It sometimes brings up the save prompt but
> always.  Usually it hangs with the drive light permanently on.  One thing
> though, I assume it requires a formated 'Linux' disk to work. Is this
> correct?  The problem is I don't have a Linux system, if I did I wouldn't
> need the boot disk version.

No.  It requires a formatted MS-DOS diskette.  If you insert an unformatted
disk it will probably hang as you have described.

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