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How to get ZigZag working on Win32.

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RE:     How to get ZigZag working on Win32.

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(This is for Xanni but I couldn't find an address anywhere.)


Thanks for ZigZag.

Below are some simple steps for a fairly quick hack to get Zigzag
working on a box running Win32.
It's messy but it works.  It'll tide us over until someone ports the
display/input routines to 
Win32::Console or something more cross platform.

Feel free to quote this wherever or lose it completely.  I don't mind.

Andy. (andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)


Getting ZigZag to work with Win32
This should be easier than this but like most Windows users I don't have
a C compiler or a copies of Diff/Patch.

Get your copy of ZigZag [1].  These changes work with version 0.66. 
They might not work with later versions without some modification.

Get the Gurusamy Sarathy build of perl [2]. It comes with a (mostly
working) version of the curses module.

Get the Gurusamy Sarathy build of DB_File [3].

Changes to ZigZag.pm
Your build of perl doesn't come with the POSIX module so you need to
comment out the line 'use POSIX;'.
Add a line 'use IO::Seekable;'

Changes to ZigZag
Comment out the line 'use POSIX;'
Replace the two instances of 'display_status_draw(NULL);' with
Replace the line 'my $TEMP_FILE = "/tmp/zigzag-$<-$^T";' with 'my
$TEMP_FILE = "c:\\temp\\zigzag-$<-$^T";' or similar depending on your
temp directory.
At the start of the main loop find the two lines:-

        my $key_pressed = input_get_any();
        my $i;

and replace them with...

        my $key_pressed = "";
        my $i;
        for ($i = 0; $i <= $#Window_Dirty; $i++) { display_draw_window($i,
defined($key_pressed)); }
        $key_pressed = input_get_any(); # I think this blocks!

In the sub 'display_draw_window' replace the line 'erase($win) unless
$preview;' with 'erase($win);'

In the sub 'display_draw_quad' comment out the line 'return if

Running ZigZag
Before you run ZigZag you need to 'set EDITOR=edit' or similar at the
command prompt which will use the standard text editor to edit cells.

Happy Zigging.

Andy. (andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

[1] ftp://ftp.xanadu.net/pub/Zigzag/