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Re: Priorities

Hi, Tuomas 

>Before it was a separate window which no-one liked.

We're curious who didn't like it?  Did any of us (Ted, Ed, Andrew, me) see

>If it's where the text is then how do you edit the file name?
>If it's a popup window, where should it popup and how to pop it down
>if you don't want it?

How about in the lower right pane which now shows text?

>> >How to know when to check whether it is a file name? Check all cell
>> >contents?
>> How about this:  put the right cursor on the cell with the file name,
>> put the left curson on an action cell -- ZZPlayer is already a cell, and
>> there could be something like ZZViewer to display images.

>If that's ok then we can surely make a keystroke like F1 to popup a window
>showing the image and then pop down. That should be trivial.

This seems like a fine solution.  

Thank you SO much for all this quick response!