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Re: requesting code for updated udanax green

--- Aaron Bingham <abingham@xxxxxx> wrote:
> This is not what my patch fixes, and appears to be a cygwin-specific
> issue.  Try googling for 'cygwin fork "resource temporarily
> unavailable"'. 

I have fixed it. I just required running 'rebaseall' in a new bash shell.
I found out this by looking at:
I guess, if python under cygwin is having similar such errors this appears to
be the correct course of action.

now that, I have a working version of pyxi running on my machine, I want to get
a copy of any patches to backend.

> Good luck,

Thanks for that luck, I really needed it.

my future is tied to this software, that is why it is very important to me,
with it infinite growth is possible without it all will wither and die. I have
been waiting for it.

I could use it in its present condition, if the database backend was a little
more crash resistant, no extra functionality would be required, only this would
be necessary. I thought of ways of doing this. I looked at other database
software, and saw that there are already answers to this problem. the green
system is just a sql database without the component specific to sql and a few
modifications to support the magic green data structures.

I know that great systems cannot be built; they can only be grown from smaller
systems. you have given me the seed; I do not know very much about it; I do not
know what it will grow into; but I do know that it is a seed worth planting and
worth taking care of.

I wish that those who improve this software make available their changes, so
that it may continue to grow. let us build upon each other steps by making
those steps available. we can see why they are made. we can move further. this
does not mean that there is no one who controls the direction in which the
software moves, but let others move it in other ways.

where it is the CVS repository for this project. most major projects have one.
this system is too complicated to develop without one.

Dan Dutkiewicz

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