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Re: requesting code for updated udanax green

--- Andrew Pam <xanni@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > where it is the CVS repository for this project. most major projects have
> one.
> > this system is too complicated to develop without one.
> Has anyone working on Udanax considered a more modern versioning system
> such as arch?

obviously, it does not matter quite what versioning system you use as long as
it works. my main point here was that, there should be a publicly accessible
repository containing the udanax source code.

> Of course, ultimately I would expect that Udanax or any other Xanalogical
> system would be an ideal back-end for software version control.

eventually. [I had an idea where UNIX like files were implemented on top of
green. this would allow batch import of entire directories of source code which
could be very useful, as well as export. given a few extra structures, it could
become a version control system. because you could make a copy of an entire
directory within this system without it duplicating any space. it would not be
updated as others changed it, because they would make their own copies. which
is the key difference between the two views of inclusion. the windowing is
where you show something as it is in the other document, while trans-inclusion
appears to make a copy therefore no changes to the original can affect it.]

Dan Dutkiewicz

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