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Re: code for updated udanax green!

--- roger gregory <roger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have put my current working copy of the green backend source on
> http://www/halfwaytoanywhere.com/be_source.tar.gz

did you intentionally make that URL invalid? by changing the third '/' to a '.'
is made valid.

> I believe that this works and fixes the known bugs.  Let me know.

which are?

> I had started to add the large file changes to allow ent files larger
> than 2G, but I haven't finished them.  It is probably more important to
> shake out any other bugs.  I'll be putting thin on udanax.com when I get
> the cvs stuff there figured out.

very good, but I wonder what aspects or bugs should be considered before that
limitation, in my world bugs come before limitations.

> If anyone has a working copy of Pyxe, send it to me.

I figured out how to get it to run under cygwin. if it crashes with a resource
temporarily unavailable error, shut down all cygwin processes, and in a new
bash shell run 'rebaseall'. if it is not installed, install 'rebase'.

if for some reason your python does not support os.mkfifo replace the
PipeStream class, with the following which uses 'popen2':

> class PipeStream(XuStream):
>     """Stream interface to a piped shell command."""
>     def __init__(self, command):
>         self.command = command
>         t = os.popen2(command, 'b')
>         self.inpipe  = t[1]
>         self.outpipe = t[0]
>         self.open = 1
>     def __repr__(self):
>         result = self.__class__.__name__
>         if self.open:
>             return "<%s to %s>" % (result, self.command)
>         else:
>             return "<%s closed>" % result
>     def read(self, length):
>         return self.inpipe.read(length)
>     def write(self, data):
>         self.outpipe.write(data)
>         self.outpipe.flush()
>     def close(self):
>         self.inpipe.close()
>         self.outpipe.close()
>         self.open = 0

doing these two steps fixed pyxi on my two machines. so I hope one of these two
solutions, solves one of your problems. [the hard part about debugging is
finding out about an errors and figuring out where it happened, and also what
term to google. thanks.]

Dan Dutkiewicz

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