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Conversion problem

Hi, AJ --

>On 20001024T093556-0400, Marlene Mallicoat wrote:
>> I opened HolmNEW with gzz013 and it shows *some* Holm demo data, but
>> nothing like the original. :
>> - d.children and d.marriage are not on the dimension list

>This is to be expected, for now.  The system part of the space (connected
>from homecell along d.2 and d.system poswards) is just blindly rebuilt
>(too much in the structure there has changed).

>You can just readd the dimensions to the dimension list.

I added the dimensions to the dimension list, but no HolmFamily data shows
up.  Even if this would cause the marriage and children links to show up,
there are no "people" cells to connect to!  In the original demo, there was
a list of 29 Holms and relatives on d.1 and d.2 -- it doesn't seem to me
that I should have to add any dimensions to see that basic list.  But I see
no cells with people's names.

Additionally, something is *really* strange about the dimension list.  I
wanted to check out that d.children and d.marriage were put in properly
after d.3, so I put the dimension list in the Ctrl window and then used the
'x' key to cycle through the dimensions in the Data window.  But there
appeared some weird dimensions in the list in the Ctrl window (such as
d.name-full and a d.marriage that I didn't put in; a cell not beginning
with d., just qqeeeeeed.c in it) which did *not* show up in the little
dimension map as I rotated through the x dimensions.

This is very puzzling to me -- I thought that what you see on the dimension
list is exactly what you rotate through with the x key.  Could you help me
understand this?