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Action list & key bindings (was: Request for action list in stable version)

Hi, Benja --

>I've been thinking about bringing the action list and key bindings
>together. This would mean connecting the actions in corner lists, and
>putting the keys next to them negwards on d.1. This'd mimic the PUI
>convention of putting the "shortcuts" right to menu entries, but it
>would be changable. I feel that would make many things "more visible:"
>the possible actions, the keys which invoke these actions, and the way
>to change the key bindings.

>What do you think about that?

This seems fine to me.  I'll consult with Ted to see what he thinks.

>(One problem is that the tags we currently use for the actions are still
>not very understandable. That's partly my fault because I never got
>around to write good descriptions -- my earlier attempt had the bad,
>bad, bad side that the descriptions didn't fit in the cells. Possibly we
>should have short tags, an explanation connected on d.documentation (as
>Ted's Floating World design recommends), and a key binding for F1 which
>switches to the text view and shows the doc.)

So pressing F1 while looking at a list of actions down d.2 would switch the
x axis to d.documentation?  Or would F1 always switch the x axis to
d.documentation regardless of what was listed on d.1?  Anyway, this seems
fine, too.

How long do you think it would take you to implement this?  We look forward
to it.