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[zzdev] gZZ: Parallel text editing showing transclusions WORKS!

Hi, Benja --

I wanted to get this applet running before Ted comes in as a surprise, but
I can't even be sure step one is done.

I'm using the latest IE on a PC.  It has Java on it, but I don't know how
to tell whether it's activated or not -- can you tell me where to look?  Or
should the little coffee cup be showing on the task bar?  If Java *isn't*
activated automatically, how do I activate it?

Here's what happens:

I put in your URL.  Your page displays on the screen.  A grey box appears
on the screen, plus all the text before and after it.  At the bottom of my
screen, above the task bar, next to the IE icon, it says Applet
initialized, then a bunch of Opening Java Class lines (ending in .class) [I
can't give you details on this because they snap by so fast].  Then the
grey box turns blue, a few more .class lines breeze by, then it says Applet
started, then nothing happens.  (I think I was patient -- I read the
newspaper and  had breakfast waiting for something to happen.  Altogether,
I've spent about 45 minutes on it.)

At a certain point, I decided to click on the blue box -- that caused some
more Opening Java Class lines to appear, then the ol' "Applet started"
again, then nothing.  I can only do that once.  When I click in the blue
box again, nothing happens.  The only activity I can cause on the screen is
to move the cursor outside the blue box, which causes the word Done to
appear at the bottom, and then move the cursor back inside the blue box,
causing the word Done to change to Applet started.

I hope you can help me -- I'm SO excited to see this wonderful new feature!