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zigzag on Windows

	After getting the curses and DB_File to compile and link I now get some
cryptic message, to me at least, a non-perl programmer.  I get a "Can't
locate object method "TIEHASH" via package "DB_File" at zigzag line 1771."
If I try and force a 0777, $DB_File::DB_HASH to the tie command I get a no
such file etc. error, even when it is doing a create new file.  Anyone know
whats wrong?  I'm so close to getting this run I can feel it.

I'm using the ActiveState port and downloaded all the curses and db stuff.

Has anyone got zigzag working under windows?  I'm tired of using the disk
version.  It doesn't let me save any data.  It also appears that none of the
ALT- commands work.