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:zz: SPOOKY! My CNS account runs ZZ, Marlene's gets Classic Error Message

Andrew et al.:

I find this extremely strange.

When I log into CNS as Marlene and try to run zz,
 I get------
No cursor 0 at /usr/local/bin/zigzag line 465.
        ...propagated at /usr/local/bin/zigzag line 1724.

This is PRECISELY what I get when I go to 
 try to run my old datasets, for example in directory
 zzwork/LISTS, where there is a "zigzag.data". 
 It says------
No cursor 0 at /usr/local/bin/zigzag line 465.
        ...propagated at /usr/local/bin/zigzag line 1724.

What's going ON here???

I find this faintly encouraging, in that the solution to one
 (if any) might solve the other.

O let there be a solution!


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