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Re: question


Thank you, thank you.  I am  very honored that you like
 the program so much.  I am inspired by your reaction.

I hope you don't mind-- I am sending this message out
 to the ZigZag developers.  They will be inspired too.

Best, Ted
(By the way, I'm not a doctor-- yet.)

At 09:29 PM 10/6/98 +0900, you wrote:
>Dr. Nelson:
>This is Jun D. Saeki.  I got your e-mail and, first of all,
>sorry about my card, "small characters."
>I really am appreciate that students in your class are going to
>ask me.  Questions always give me hints to find out the problem
>that should be resolved.
>By the way, please let me tell you, what I felt about your ZIGZAG program.
>Today, after your class, I went to Media Center and try it a bit.
>It was amazing and was really fun to use it moreover, it was very useful,
>and should be easy to handle thousands of data.
>What I am interested in now, is to create a sort of "cyber department store."
>IBM and some other big companies in US and also in Japan had failed to
>create "cyber shopping mall" on WWW, as you know.  However, my idea is
>to provide circumstances that let customers or users have chances to
>compare and find out the difference between product A of X company and 
>product B of Y company.  Moreover this activity, comparison, should be done
>on one window or one screen.  To open dozens of windows, and access
thousands of
>on-line shopping web sites, take too much time and finally the customer would
>think "I think I should go to a REAL department store."
>Thus I really looking forward to making a different type of database on
the web.
>That should be completely different and the use of it should be never
>I hope you can understand how much I am excited about you ZIGZAG program and
>its idea.  I can't wait next Tuesday.  OOPS, I should do my assignments.
>I apologize if this e-mail is boring like a spam mail and takes your time.
>Moreover, I'm not good at English very much.
>Best regards.
>Jun David Saeki
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