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Hi Jun--

Apparently the cell-edit problem is this: 

When somebody opens Mule to edit a file, it creates
 but unfortunately this file is persistent, and it now belongs
 to whoever created it.  This means that only the same
 person can edit a cell on that same machine, at least
 until the CNS garbage collector program comes and
 kills the /tmp/ files every 24 hours or so.

Our developers, Andrew Pam and Bek Oberin in Australia, 
 are fixing this as quickly as possible, and hope to have a fix
 which I can take to CNS today.

Meanwhile, if students approach you about the problem, 
 a temporary solution is to try logging into another Unix
 machine until they find one where the editing works.

I am very sorry about this.  However, we could not
 discover it until a number of people were using the program.

Best, Ted

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