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:zz: Thanks AGAIN for your enthusiasm

I'll be very happy to.

I don't have any conference planned now, but
 interest is certainly increasing.

Prof. Ohiwa has suggested that we do some project
 involving ZigZag for the Open Research Forum.
 That is very soon (I'm not sure of the date).
 If you'd like to work on a project for exhibit there,
 it would be swell.

Thanks, T

At 01:40 PM 10/8/98 +0900, you wrote:
>Prof. Nelson
>>Apparently the cell-edit problem is this: 
>I got it.
>I've already started to create some cells on my ZZ file.
>Maybe I am now about to get used to ZIGZAG program (a little bit).
>If I got problem or difficulty with handling this proglam, it is 
>just because ZIGZAG program is so unique and, based on my 
>experience of using computer software, no two had been like.
>Anyway, it is wonderful, great.
>I'm really glad that you noticed my idea and
>I don't really mind that the ZIGZAG developers would know about my idea.
>Please let me know the feedback from the develpers.
>Here are few things I want you to do me a favor.
>could you please give me chances to atend some sort of conferences
>about the ZIGZAG program and other new ideas.
>very best regards
>Jun D. Saeki
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