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:zz: I suggest you join the Developers' list

I believe you just send "subscribe" to


Cheers, Ted

At 01:40 PM 10/8/98 +0900, you wrote:
>Prof. Nelson
>>Apparently the cell-edit problem is this: 
>I got it.
>I've already started to create some cells on my ZZ file.
>Maybe I am now about to get used to ZIGZAG program (a little bit).
>If I got problem or difficulty with handling this proglam, it is 
>just because ZIGZAG program is so unique and, based on my 
>experience of using computer software, no two had been like.
>Anyway, it is wonderful, great.
>I'm really glad that you noticed my idea and
>I don't really mind that the ZIGZAG developers would know about my idea.
>Please let me know the feedback from the develpers.
>Here are few things I want you to do me a favor.
>could you please give me chances to atend some sort of conferences
>about the ZIGZAG program and other new ideas.
>very best regards
>Jun D. Saeki
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