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I recently knew about RDBMS (Relational DataBase Management System).
Do you know that?
If you do, do you find any difference between zigzag and RDBMS?

I know zigzag is not database, it's environment, but I think it's the
thing with the concept of hypertext.

Hypertext is also the environment, but in another point of view,
it's world-wide distributed database system.

I need to explain to some guys how different zigzag and RDBMS.
I'm striving to do, but I can't have a clear idea.

Or can it be compatible with each other?
What I want to do is to get a clear explanation that how different, and
what the good/bad point are there.

Any idea?
Ken'ichi Unnai > 雲内健一
Environmental Information Department of Keio University, Japan