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:zz,spi: ZigZag and RDBMS

Hi Kenichi-- in answer to your question--

Relational database is a system of tables which
 refer to each other or contain rows and columns
 which are database entries.

The system was invented by a mathematician named Codd
 who was interested in certain mathematical properties
 of the system.

As it has developed, these tables are now set up and
 queried with the SQL language.

I believe that a principal reason RDB has caught on, however,
 is that the programmer can't embezzle (steal money)
 or do other dishonest programming without it being obvious.

In any case, this has become the principal database method
 of the world.  More recently, "object-oriented" databases
 are becoming popular, but they are far less standard.  And
 "flat file" databases are simpler (ASCII text separated with
 tabs, CRs, etc.).  ZigZag uses a hash database, which is
 a fast lookup for strings associated with other strings.

Remember-- standardization is a POLITICAL question.
 In every standards fight (and all standards discussions are
 fights), there are winners and losers.  The losers have
 wasted months, perhaps years, gaining skills or investing
 company resources in systems that will not be used.

I see ZigZag as completely different.  ZigZag is a principled
 system of interconnection and viewing bydimension.  It can
 be used for database, but also for many other things, including

That's all I have time to write on the subject.

However, I have RDB books at my office that I can lend you.

Best, Ted

At 07:20 PM 10/24/98 +0900, you wrote:
>I recently knew about RDBMS (Relational DataBase Management System).
>Do you know that?
>If you do, do you find any difference between zigzag and RDBMS?
>I know zigzag is not database, it's environment, but I think it's the
>thing with the concept of hypertext.
>Hypertext is also the environment, but in another point of view,
>it's world-wide distributed database system.
>I need to explain to some guys how different zigzag and RDBMS.
>I'm striving to do, but I can't have a clear idea.
>Or can it be compatible with each other?
>What I want to do is to get a clear explanation that how different, and
>what the good/bad point are there.
>Any idea?
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