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Re: WARNING: d.inside and d.contents DON'T WORK YET

> VERY gratified that you've added to the system.

My pleasure.

> HowEVer, d.inside and d.contents are STILL NOT FIXED!

Yes.  But when they are fixed, it will be easier to use them if my new
command is in.

>  (Not meaning they're shifting in meaning,

When I first saw that you had changed the name from 

	d.contents d.contents2


	d.inside   d.contents

I was pleased.  ``Oh, they've given them real names.'' I said.
``That's good.''  But when I saw what you planned to do with them, I
wasn't so sure.  d.contents isn't really useful without d.inside.
They're designed to work together, and they don't seem to make any
sense separately.  So the original names might have been better.

> -- Does it help that some people think this is an exact transposition
>  of Lisp's equivalent, car (the containing cell) and cdr?  

I'm not sure.  I'll think about it.  I'm sure this will turn up in my
writeup later.