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> Operations--
> - Chug (detach all connections of a rank, move it posward or negward,
> reattach)
> - Shear (detach one side of a rank's connections, move this side posward or
> negward, reattach)

I'm glad you explained these, because now maybe I can help.  But I'm
not quite sure what a `rank' is.  SUppose I have this picture:



I guess that E and F are in the same rank, and B and C are in the same
rank.  But are B and E in the same rank?

I also think you're missing one operation here.  It might not make
sense, but I needed it this week:

  - Rotate (detatch one side of a rank's connections in one dimension
            and reattach them in a different dimension)

Here's a picture of it: This is a side view.  * is the rank you want
to rotate.  It looks like * because you are looking at it end-first.  It
is attached to some
larger structure \  | with a link -.

	,--.          +---> d.u
 	\  |-*        |
	 `-'          v d.v

	,--.          +---> d.u
 	\  |          |
	 `-'          v d.v

This is a rotate of the * part from +d,u to +d.v.

Note that the large structure has not changed or moved; the entire
rank has revolved around it.

I want this because yesterday I made column of cells and linked them
+d.1ward from another column.  Then I said `oops, I meant to do that
in d.inside, not d.1'.  But there was no way to change it without
rilinking the cells one at a time.

Perhaps once `mark' works `rotate' will be unnecessary, because then
the operation will be

	mark the cells
	break the links to the marked cells all at once
	make the new links to the marker cells all at once

I could live with that.