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:zz: Rotate & other ops (was: Re: STILL NOT WORKING

So you've discovered Rotate!  I wish I could say
 that there's a secret reward hidden ...

Yup, it's needed.  Rotate was discussed last summer,
 but got left out of the long July wish list.  (I only went back
 through my files a few weeks :-(

The generality is this: 
 (1-to-1 bidirectional connections.)  
Or perhaps we could say (nostalgically):
"If it feels useful, do it!"

Best, Ted

At 10:32 AM 10/26/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I also think you're missing one operation here.  It might not make
>sense, but I needed it this week:
>  - Rotate (detatch one side of a rank's connections in one dimension
>            and reattach them in a different dimension)
>Here's a picture of it: This is a side view.  * is the rank you want
>to rotate.  It looks like * because you are looking at it end-first.  It
>is attached to some
>                 ,--.
>larger structure \  | with a link -.
>                  `-'
>	,--.          +---> d.u
> 	\  |-*        |
>	 `-'          v d.v
>	,--.          +---> d.u
> 	\  |          |
>	 `-'          v d.v
>          |
>          *
>This is a rotate of the * part from +d,u to +d.v.
>Note that the large structure has not changed or moved; the entire
>rank has revolved around it.
>I want this because yesterday I made column of cells and linked them
>+d.1ward from another column.  Then I said `oops, I meant to do that
>in d.inside, not d.1'.  But there was no way to change it without
>rilinking the cells one at a time.
>Perhaps once `mark' works `rotate' will be unnecessary, because then
>the operation will be
>	mark the cells
>	break the links to the marked cells all at once
>	make the new links to the marker cells all at once
>I could live with that. 
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