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Re: Mark-Jason's Question about attributes

> Both solutions are fine,						

I am concerned about proliferating clones causing an unavoidable
performance problem in large spaces.  But I suppose there is probably
a solution to this.

> >	    But wait---you can't link two different cells to `male'
> >	    in the +d.sex dimension.
> Sure you can!  Just make the "male" cell the negative endcell

<<<Light goes on>>>

> >	    So `Homer' is linked +d.sexwards to `male',
> >	    but `male' is *not* linked -d.sexwards to `Homer'.
> Nope nope nope.  It is a key rule of the cosmology
>  that all links are 2-way.

Yes, that's what I thought.  Just checking.

>  Wouldn't be ZigZag.

Right on.