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Re: Mark-Jason's Question about attributes

> > Sure you can!  Just make the "male" cell the negative endcell
> >  (headcell).  ("Jump to headcell" is one of those unimplemented
> >  items from the original design that haven't even made it to the
> >  current wish list.)
> > That means you have a chain of males (chain male !-)
> >  but that's close to the spirit of ZigZag.
> Huh?  -I- don't understand that "headcell" bit, can you explain it in
> terms of some of the more basic operations?

Ted means that you do it like this:

	----> +d.sex

	MALE   -- Homer -- Bart -- Barney -- Moe -- Ned -- Snake

	FEMALE -- Marge -- Lisa -- Maggie

Then if you are sitting on a cell, say `Ned', and you want to know
whether Ned is male or female, you move in the -d.sex direction as far
as you can, and the cell that you finally come to tells you the
answer.  This cell is the `headcell'.