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RE: [zzdev] Re: Trying to work under NT 4

That did the trick.  Zigzag now comes up (hurrah!).  It creates an empty
file (I guess, since I didn't have one around when I started...).  When
I cursor around, the screen gets all messed up;  cells start appearing
where there were none before.  Could be a curses problem;  don't have
time to chase it just now.  Also, when I exit and come back in, it

No cursor 0 at zigzag line 650.
        ...propagated at zigzag line 2248.

If I delete the zigzag.zz it created the first time I ran it, it comes
up OK.

BTW, I grabbed Berkeley DB 2.4.14, and DB_File 1.62.  Are these the
appropriate versions, or should I go for something more "classic"?

-- mkj
Michael K. Jones <mkjones@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Stone Hill Consulting

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	> I'm currently up a creek without a POSIX paddle.

	It's probably not important.

	> So I tried commenting out the "use POSIX;" line, and here's
what I get:
	>     Bareword "SEEK_SET" not allowed while "strict subs" in use
at zigzag
	> line 627.

	That's good, because SEEK_SET was defined in Posix.pm, and now
	warning you that it's not defined.  There are two answers here:

	1. That's in a very little-used feature, so for most things
	   matter much if it's broken.

	2. You can probably make it work if you add this line near the
top of zigzag:

	   sub SEEK_SET () { 0 }

	It's just a constant.

	>     Bareword "NULL" not allowed while "strict subs" in use at
	> line 2155.

	Ditto here:

	   sub NULL () { 0 }

	> Is the lack of a POSIX module going to be a real bummer?