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RE: Trying to work under NT 4

I was able to build DB_File on NT with no trouble.  The Berkeley DB
distribution gave me a little trouble.  I built it using MSVC 4.2, using
the supplied project file;  however, it appears that the project file is
missing 2 or 3 sources.  If someone else is trying to build it, let me
know;  I'll go back and figure out which ones you need to add.  Once I
sorted that out, it built just fine (you have to build it before
building DB_File).

-- mkj
Michael K. Jones <mkjones@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Stone Hill Consulting

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	> I got it to work a week or so ago (I think). Just did the
	> changes:
	> sub SEEK_SET { 2 }

	No, SEEK_SET should be 0, not 2.  It will still compile if you
get it
	wrong, but any feature that tries to use it will be broken.

	> and changed the DB_File refs to use SDBM_File instead 

	This has a drawback: SDBM has a limit of 1024 characters per
key; this
	means that no zigzag cell will be able to hold more than 1024
	characters of data.

	DB_File is really a much better choice here.