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RE: [zzdev] Trying to work under NT 4

	Why I say (I think) is that I can't tell if it's working right.
	seems to take two keystrokes to make a highlight change
position, and
	the arrow keys, etc. don't work (their codes don't seem to be
the same
	ones that ZZ is expecting).

	Ned Konz

I have the same problem.  I believe it has to do with TERMCAP (or
rather, the lack thereof).  I did a quick search on DejaNews, and there
appears to be no TERMCAP file for NT's console.  I searched the MSDN KB,
and it had a sample TERMCAP.  I tried it, but it was no better.  This is
my next task...

-- mkj
Michael K. Jones <mkjones@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Stone Hill Consulting