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RE: [zzdev] Re: Trying to work under NT 4

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	Subject:	[zzdev] Re: Trying to work under NT 4 

	> That did the trick.  Zigzag now comes up (hurrah!).  It
creates an empty
	> file (I guess, since I didn't have one around when I

	Oh, it shouldn't do that.  If there's no file aroudn when you
	it's supposed to initialize a new one from the one in
	If you use an empty file nothing will work.

	Sorry;  when I said "empty", I meant in the logical sense (the
file was non-zero in length).  It did seem to have some initial

	> No cursor 0 at zigzag line 650.
	>         ...propagated at zigzag line 2248.

	This would be typical of that.

	It turns out that I was causing this my killing zigzag
prematurely.  If I exit nicely, I get a proper, usable file.

	> BTW, I grabbed Berkeley DB 2.4.14, and DB_File 1.62.  Are
these the
	> appropriate versions, or should I go for something more

	That should be fine.

-- mkj
Michael K. Jones <mkjones@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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