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Re: Re Re: :zz: "!@#$% General DATA solution impossible

At 08:32 AM 4/11/99 , Ted Nelson wrote:
>Hi Mark--
>The problem isn't concurrency.  The problem is the
> complex tissue structure of ZigZag.

In the absence of concurrency, would the complex tissue structure be a 

>A wonderful image just occurred to me: a lot of berserk
> sewing machines on wheels, stitching everything in your
> closet together chaotically.

In terms of this analogy, would you have the same problem with only one 
sewing machine?

If the answers are "yes", then I'm confused.

If the answers are "no", then concurrency -- as conventionally understood -- 
*is* the problem.  From your description I'm even more confident that E's 
event-loop alternative can help.